I was a very lucky and fortunate young lady

Argelia Morales   El Paso,Texas

by Jovanna Blanco

"I am very fortunate to live in this country. I would never leave this place for anything. I consider myself to be very lucky because I see and hear everyday about how people struggle to get here. Sad to say that a lot of them don’t even make it because they died on the

way here.  I am honored to live in this wonderful state because of all the freedom we have here, and not a lot of people get to experience it from were I come form because a lot are immigrants and aren’t aloud."

Being the accident that I was in Juarez, Mexico. I was actually raised in EL Paso, Texas. El Paso is the only place I remember living at when I was small because I moved there right when I was a month old. El Paso is actually a very big city and it’s also bordered up with Mexico, so there for I’m not far from my home land. In winter time over in El Paso, it would snow. I remember walking outside and feeling the snow rushing against my face. But otherwise it would be very warm. The people there were very nice and well mannered. There were a lot of Spanish speaking people there, at El Paso, I heard nothing but Spanish everywhere I went.  Although there weren’t that many things to do there I managed to keep myself company. But now when I o I see a lot has changed. For example, work there and the area it’s self. Most people over there work on farms or outside in the fields unless they were well educated. Then they could get good jobs, like working in a grocery store, in an office, or even a jewelry store maybe. I didn’t struggle, well me personally. I had each of my parents and both of them worked. My dad even worked two jobs to make sure his kids went to a god school.

My family was a very big help for me, and I was never alone because my parents were always there for me. They were always encouraging me to go to school and college. Just like good Mexicans they were always there for me. My mom always helped me get around. So it wasn’t hard for me, but some places were very far and we tried our best to stay away from having to go to them. The times that my mom was busy and I didn’t have a car I took Public transportation.  That would sometimes be a headache because it to ok a little long to get to the places that I needed to go, especially if I had to be somewhere on time who knew when I was going to get there. It was also annoying or irritating sitting there on the Bart and trying to get my rest after a long day, and feeling the bumps and hearing the load noises that the train would make.

It was no risk for me to come here, Or to get here. My mother, when she had me she was already a U.S. citizen so right away I became one too. It was actually cool getting here because I got to see a lot of stuff that I’ve never seen in my life. So it was a nice experience. My mom was with me the whole way here, we actually took her car here because like said we had no trouble getting here. So my mom was a big help for me. I didn’t have anybody from California to help me get here to the U.S.  I was actually on my own, besides my mom. I’m very happy to be here. I’ve lived in the U.S. pretty much my whole life; I know a lot about this country so nobody had to tell me how it was over here. I am very fortunate to live in this country. I see and hear everyday how some people make it and a lot of them don’t. So I’m very proud to say that this is my home, and this is my country.

My number one reason to come to California was school, second of all San Francisco was a bigger city and had a lot more job opportunities, third the weather. I think it’s a little bit more pleasant here than Texas. When I came here I was about 18 years old, right away I was old enough to get a job. So age didn’t really get in the way. So I had a job and also I went to school at the same time. I went to school in the mornings and had a night job. I was working for a surfing store, we rented out the boards and the outfits, it was kind of fun. It was actually bilingual when I came here so it was easy for me to get around. But I still have an accent because my primary language was Spanish. My parents didn’t really like us speaking English because they were very cultural, and wanted us to keep our main language. But I miss my family, I loved it when I woke up and saw everybody there. Also I miss the roads, they weren’t busy mostly empty. There was hardly any traffic. I can’t for get the food! OH MY GOD. I love the food there, it tastes more original.

About me and my family.  Most of my sisters were born here in the U.S. They are much older and are bilingual. My parents they couldn’t speak English but they understood everything. Let me see my dream was not to move here, it was to move to Miami because I always heard how nice it was over there, and the ocean and also the clubs. Miami was my number one choice. But I do not regret moving here because I went to Miami and I didn’t like it I love living here better. So when I go back to Texas or Mexico ill make sure to tell all my family and friends that this is one of the best countries to live. We have a lot of freedom and also a clean atmosphere. If they ever have an opportunity to come then they should definitely take it. Here in the U.S. I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I am 36 years old and have done a lot of stuff in my life, for example I have gone to many places and I have two wonderful children that are from here an I don’t think that I would of did all this back in Texas. Well maybe I would have but I’m glad I did it here because now my kids have a lot to look forward to and a lot of opportunities.

My life here in the U.S. is good, I love it here. I’ve done a lot of stuff here that I would not want to leave behind. I’ve also grown friendship here and became a lot closer with the family that I have here. My daughters too, their doing good in school and their both into sports, I wouldn’t want them to miss out on scholarships that are waiting for them.  Its better here, and if I was still living there It would be hard for me too keep up with things. I fit this lifestyle better than in Mexico and in Texas. I have a lot of family here to support me here. The difference from here and there is that the schools teach a lot different there and the students speak Spanish there and not really English. They don’t teach students other languages like over here how you get to pick what language you want to learn. Also work, you have to work at the age 13 or 15. Here you can work at 16 or 18. So I’m thankful for that so that way my kids have time to be kids and not have to rush into being a grown up. I don’t plan to move anywhere else. Maybe when my kids are all grown up and can take care of themselves, but other wise not right now or anytime soon. California has a lot more to offer to me and my family, and for that I’m really thankful for.